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Join us for a night of celebration of French Film and Culture  11-17-16

Join us on November 17, 2016 for an evening of celebration of French Film and Culture at the College of Staten Island featuring a screening of two short films followed by a discussion with the French Cultural Attaché and the filmmakers. The reception will be followed by a discussion led by Mathieu Fournet, Head of Film, TV and New Media and Lea Futschik, executive director, both with the French Embassy.

Reception: 6:00pm

Screenings: 7:00pm

The Films:

Simply ClarisseSimply Clarisse is the portrait of a woman living in Tours, France who hid her true self for years—until an important self-awakening. Reading from her autobiographical text, Clarisse recalls the suffering, sadness, and long-held secret that finally led to her personal emancipation. A deeply personal encounter with the film’s subject, Simply Clarisse quietly yet powerfully recounts a life in transition.

L’été en suspensL'été en suspens is a chronicle of eight New York students abroad in Tours, France. Against the backdrop of July, 2016, social-political themes pervade the group's thoughts, discussions, and their creative art. The result is a cinéma-verité documentary that explores the impact of world events on the psyche of the American filmmakers as well as the French locals they meet. 

RSVP:  718.982.2100 or use the form below.

Directions: CSI offers free shuttle bus service between the college and the St. Geroge Ferry terminal.

For driving directions, click here.

For public transportation, click here.  

The 2016 Tournées Film Festival @ CSI

The films selected for the Tournées Film Festival at the College of Staten Island, in cooperation with the Department of Media Culture, provide a window onto a culture that is at once similar yet different. By engaging French culture through cinema, students and others in New York are afforded the opportunity to encounter a new vantage point on issues such as immigration and sexuality while at the same time introducing classic French cinema.


The complex questions French filmmakers explore provide provocative and thoughtful approaches to world culture and filmmaking. Like in the U.S., France and Europe are undergoing significant transformations in the twenty-first century. The Tournées Festival at CSI delivers new ways to consider the use of cinematic means to express similarly complex issues confronted at home.


Generous support for the Tournées Film Festival has been provided by: LGBTQ Resource Center | Department of World Languages and Literatures | The CSI initiative, Focus on Global Women and Girls Project | Department of Media Culture | Dean’s Office of Humanities and Social Sciences | Pluralism and Diversity Program | Center for Global Engagement


Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S. | Centre National du Cinema et de L’image Animee | Franco-American Cultural Fund | Florence Gould Foundation | Highbrow Entertainment

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